Mini Wooden Bud Vase

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Lather, Adam Kinley, designed these 3"-5" inch tall assorted small 100% wood vases specifically for Anxiously Creative. These bud vases are not waterproof which makes them of course perfect for dried flowers! Due to their uniqueness, the vases might vary slightly to the ones you see here.

Aesthetic and function are the inspiring characteristics behind Adam Kinley’s hand-made wood decor pieces. Adam is one half of the creative team at Anza Studio, a small home decor shop based in Orange County, California that specializes in hand-made wood and stone decorative items. He has fully dedicated himself to his craft and dream of building designs that inspire creativity, community, and self-care. You can find more of Adam’s work at Anza Studio.

🌿1% of all proceeds will be donated to Dance Mission Theater, a space dedicated to inclusiveness and justice that teaches feminist and multicultural dance to many female, queer, racially mixed and culturally specific ensembles.