Where did the idea of Anxiously Creative come from?
The ambition behind the shop is to emphasize the synergy between creating with your hands and the positive effect it has on mental health. AC features artists who have small businesses and use art as a form of anxious yet creative expression.

How do you choose the farms and brands you feature in your shop?
When partnering with anyone, supporting sustainable and small companies founded in the Pacific Northwest, New York City, and Connecticut are at the top of my list. The companies I choose are innovative, unique, and hold a special place in my home that I know will do the same for you! P.S. All of our packaging is recycled use and majority of the wrapping is biodegradable. 

Where are your dried goods from?
I personally dry a few types of dried flowers and herbs out of passion. For those that I do not dry, I source locally from farms in the Pacific Northwest and California. There these growers preserve the flowers inside the plant until they are open to their optimal development which at that point they can be picked and preserved. 

How long do dried flowers typically last?
The beauty of dried flowers is that they have an incredible shelf life (6-12 months). You can keep your goods for years if they are kept in a cool and dry climate. Sun exposure and humidity can alter their appearance with imperfections.
I want to make my own arrangement, what should I buy?
The staples are Eucalyptus and Lavender, for example. They smell wonderful and take up space (which we like). Pampas Grass and Billy Balls are unique and add a nice pop of "wow". They diversify any arrangement and are fun to have around. Lastly, everyone deserves to add some luxe pieces to an arrangement such a Blushing Brides or even a Peacock Feather.
Where are your Vases from?
Anxiously Creative vases are hand picked individually and are from unique shops, markets, and vintage stores in Northern California. Our Porcelain and Wooden Vases are both from USA based artists. 
What is your exchange or return policy?
Anxiously Creative does not accept any returns or exchanges. If your product is altered or damaged, please email me so I can help you!
Can I use the pictures on your website? 
Most images used on this website are my own. They may not be used elsewhere or for personal use without my permission. Please email me at for pricing or if you're interested in using an image!