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"I truly love everything about this shop and its mission! Each flower was individually wrapped in brown paper with personal touches so I could assemble it myself. The room immediately smelled of eucalyptus which was a huge bonus. Love love love looking at my arrangement when I wake up in the morning!"

Molly F.

"These vases are precious and well crafted.  I ordered 3 for Mother's Day and each one was an individual masterpiece. The wood is simply beautiful, smooth, and perfect with dried flowers. My purchases were gifts. Now I want one too! Great size for a desk, by the phone, kitchen windowsill, by the bed, end table etc..."

Shannon G.

"I bought a custom arrangement for my significant other because she likes things that are different. She completely loves it! Thank you for such a unique bouquet!"

Pepper T.

"My office is now a happier place due to the "Spring In New England" Bouquet. Something I needed about now. I have loved every item I've purchased, from dried flowers, to vases, to candles. And oh, the Black Fig candle is delicious! :D"


Spotlight: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is amazing for ice bath to hot steam showers. Hanging a bunch in your shower is a spa-like hack that will allow your stress & anxiety to melt away. Eucalyptus is also known for being a decongestant. If you find yourself a bit stuffy, rub your fingers over a few leaves and inhale the woody scent to activate the natural medicinal properties.


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