About AC

Mareena Bartelli Anxiously Creative

After eight years of living in New York City, I moved to Northern California in early 2019. As for San Francisco, I couldn't get enough. That was until my first panic attack. 

Those who know me would agree I'm confident, creative, and love to host homemade pasta nights. Yet, all of this subsided when my anxiety arrived. It was severe and unrelenting. I experienced countless panic attacks and social phobia. I was scared it would never stop.

I began researching and consulting with numerous doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists. I was getting answers, but none that restored me back to the person I used to be. So then I looked inward. I spent a lot of time with myself and my thoughts.

I began to create instead of control. Meditate instead of ruminate. That is when Anxiously Creative was born.

I wanted to inspire others to get out of their head. To create with their hands and move their bodies. I also knew it had to start with me, first, and so it began. 

I danced more and worried less. I tried knitting, taught myself lettering, and began drying hand picked flowers.  

My vision is for AC to serve as a beacon of light to those who also suffer from anxiety and other mental disorders during times of uncertainty.

Thought provoking shopping is right this way 〰️

Founder, Anxiously Creative

🌿1% of all proceeds will be donated to Dance Mission Theater, a space dedicated to inclusiveness and justice that teaches feminist and multicultural dance to many female, queer, racially mixed and culturally specific ensembles.