September 1st

Is anyone else asking themselves “Howww is it already September”?

With everything that’s been going on at work, in my personal life, and even in the news 〰️ I’m shocked it’s 9/1. Time flies by so quickly but the to-do’s, plans, and media never stop.

I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t updated the AC SHOP since before our cross country move (which was back in April).. yet it still feels like only a few weeks have gone by…

How can this be?! Have I become the biggest procrastinator ever or is life coming at me too fast?

I found myself looking at this image today during lunch when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Nah, not a bit.. just truly overwhelmed.

Audible sighs and a pitted stomach are not welcome at the table anymore and I had to stop thinking and just BREATHE.

We all have good days and bad days. Bad seconds with better longer minutes ahead. So I tell myself to not get stuck in the off moments.

Breathing is a simple practice, but the most profound in my journey to a less anxious life. I know I don’t pay enough attention to my breath until I have moments like I did at today at lunch. When things are good, they’re good - right?

Anyways - if you’re reading this and are feeling overwhelmed about the last few months, anxious about the future, or feeling stuck in the present.. I hope this blog post gives you a little relief.

We can’t control much, but we can control our breath.

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