Fear Factor

Let’s talk about fear.

Heights has always been a big fat limiting fear of mine. Roller coasters are a hard no, plane rides are managed by downloaded meditation playlists, and don’t even get me started on any free falling.. the drop in my gut is the same feeling I get when I’m anxious and I’d rather navigate my life to avoid that at all costs.

The past few days I did some cell phone free R&R in Southern Oregon. The highlight of the trip (and all of 2020 tbh) was jumping off a 35 foot cliff into the deepest lake in America: Crater Lake. For those who know me personally would say the above picture is photoshopped - and I’d typically agree, there’s just no way I would ever do this before.

The reason I share this today is because I’ve been told my whole life that the only person that can limit yourself to do anything is “you”. In order for me to take control of my anxiety, fear, and mental chatter - I need to submit to my innate abilities and just let go.

Ever since this jump just a few short days ago, ideas for Anxiously Creative have been spewing and I’m so excited to share with you what is next.

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